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Service and Repairs

What We Do - Our Service Department

For all your refrigeration, air conditioning, ice machine needs. Peace of mind knowing your equipment is looked after in terms of bacteria and wear and tear.
We do all mechanical repairs to chiller plants, cooling towers, evaporator coils and small domestic type systems.

Services List

Medical Fridges, Commercial Fridges
Industrial Fridges, Air Conditioning
Ventilation / Filtration, Microwave Ovens
Breakdown Services

Fridge Sure is run by Lenard A Botha who has been in the industry for 53 years, and is a member if the South African Institute of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. Membership number 1327.
Our service department boasts the following knowledge and experience:

Air Conditioning

We specialize in hospital systems for operating theatres, ICU wards ext.
We also do Mid wall , cassettes, consoles, industrial ducting systems, D.V.M systems,
Servicing all makes and types
We can also design and quote for new systems.

Ventilation / Filtration

We attend to all ventilation / filtration needs, be it domestic, commercial and industrial. We carry spare parts and attend to all service needs. Regards to filtration, we do all types if air filtration and we also do labourite micro partial testing for germs and bacteria (medial operating theatres)


We repair and sell all makes and type of refrigeration, be it domestic, commercial or industrial.
We specialize on domestic fridges, commercial fridges, supper market fridges , hospital refrigeration (medical fridges)

Microwave Ovens

We repair and sell all types and makes on microwave ovens for commercial and domestic use.


Our high standard of work carries a 3 months labour and parts guarantee.  Or  12 months  for new compressors fitted.

We are looking forward to being of service to you and enjoy same day service.