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Medical Fridges


  • Our products come with a 2 year standard warranty. can be extended to 5 years (ZLF AC range) and ten years (ZLF solar range)


  • Our medical and vaccine storage refrigerators are all RTMD (remote temperature monitoring device) compatible for all your monitoring and asset management requirements.

Compressor Refrigeration

Absorption Refrigeration

Vaccine Cold Boxes

Glass Door

Portable Vaccine Carriers


These carriers are ideal for vaccine delivery with a holdover of up to 140 hours.

Space Saving Ice Pack Chest Freezers 


Load these freezers up and don’t worry about power issues with our hybrid power source product line.

Medical Absorption Range of Gas / Electric Fridge / Freezers 


Perfect for the storage of sensitive medication and vaccines in areas with intermittent power supply.

High-Performing WHO Approved Vaccine Storage Refrigerators 


For use within the medical industry for the storage of vital drugs and vaccines safe, controlled environment.

Medical Glass Door Refrigerators


Perfect for the storage and display of an array of different medical products that require refrigeration.

Medical Compact Duel Bin Fridge / Freezer 


Versatile in the sense that you can choose according to your need i.e. fridge / freezer, both bins fridge or complete freezer – A world first!