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Air Conditioning


Low Energy Consumption

For your Home or your Office, Hospitals or Hotels
One energy saving outside condensing unit will hear or cool the entire area

Our systems have the latest technology and design to cater people sensitive to temperature changes and can adjust according to humidity and the change of seasons.
Divided spaces like equipment rooms, offices, guest rooms and conferencing facilities that require different temperatures at the same time are easily catered for.

The latest heat recovery multi-split system achieves indoor cooling and heating at the same time. The unit can be individually switched between the two modes and has the flexibility to satisfy the personal needs of different users.

The digital variable multi-system enables a wide variety of indoor units to be used

These units can be linked to a verity of different indoor units, i.e. Midwall Splits, Ceiling Cassettes, Ducted, etc. The Control Systems range from wired remotes to complete Building Management Systems suitable for Muti Storey Buildings or Small Applications where energy needs to be saved.